As a woman, who has struggled with her weight for my entire life, I know the frustration of trying to figure out why, how, and ways to overcome it. Not for the sake of vanity, though I do love my fashion, but for my health. Two years ago, I was over 400lbs and facing a host of health issues related to being super morbidly obese. It has a been a battle of emotional, mental, and physical adversity, but I am very happy with where I am now, how I got here, and the trajectory of what is to come for me now that I know what I have to do. Below, you will find weight loss update videos from my youtube channel. These videos chronicle my weight loss surgery preparation, post op, and then annual updates. I hope that anyone reading this, or watching my videos, is able to gain something from it. Whether it be learning about weight loss surgery, hypothyroidism, the autoimmune protocol, or just feeling like they aren’t alone in their struggles. Thank you for stopping by, feel free to subscribe to my channel for more updates as well as beauty videos.

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