This Girl Chronically Rocks! Keisha Greaves talks Muscle Walk and Creating Fashion with a Purpose.


As a former Fashion major, I have always been interested in those who forge their own path in the industry. It’s such a wonderful way for us to both express our own style, but to also reach others and inspire them to find their own unique flare. That’s where Keisha Greaves comes in. Not only do we share in common attending college for fashion and merchandising, but she is out here changing the game for fashion lovers with disabilities. Keisha is #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic plus a whole lot more!

keisha1Keisha grew up like any other girl. She was very active, despite being on the plus side. Keisha was a go getter, constantly on the move. One day, while in college, Keisha started to experience some strange neurological symptoms. Her leg would occasionally give out on her and she would sometimes experience strange feelings in her arms. After visiting with her doctor, she was referred to a neurologist. Soon after MRIs, muscle biopsies and various tests, Keisha was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2010.

keisha3Instead of giving up on life, Keisha sprang into action. She began to work on creating awareness for MD by speaking at events, fundraising, and now organizing the MDA Muscle Walk which takes place in Boston Commons. Keisha is also Massachusetts Brand Ambassador for MD and has created a T-Shirt line called Girls Chronically Rock. The graphics are her own designs and they do, in fact, rock! Keisha plans to expand her sizing to include plus sizes but also she’s working on developing a full line of clothing designed for people with disabilities.

keisha 6This is such an amazing concept! So far Tommy Hilfiger and Target are developing lines with the physically impaired in mind, but there’s plenty of room for this niche to expand. Keisha plans to carve out her space in this subcategory of fashion and if her designs are anything like the T shirts she creates for Girls Chronically Rock, I plan to grab a few pieces for my friends and family.

keisha5For now, you can catch Keisha Saturday May 19th at the MDA Muscle Walk in Boston Commons at 9am. It’s FREE y’all, so come thru and show your support for Keisha and those living with Muscular Dystrophy. Bring the family along! There will be face painting for the kids and food vendors for all! And if you have a good time at the MDA Muscle Walk, join Keisha again May 29th for the NEXTonSCENE Fundraising Night Out with Girls Chronically Rock from 6-9pm.

For more on keisha check her out on Instagram (@girlschronically_rock) and Facebook (Girls Chronically Rock).

And if you’d like to purchase a GCR Tshirt, check out her website


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