Top 10 Naturals Killin’ It with TWAs

The TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), or very short cropped natural hair, is often the first stop for a natural’s hair journey (click here to find out why I big chopped). but sometimes we find there’s no reason to travel further down the road. The TWA can be a versatile, sexy, fun, funky expression of a woman’s personal style. Whether we play with color, fades, parts, or designs, the TWA looks amazing on any and all face shapes. And don’t let anyone tell you that the TWA isn’t office appropriate! The following bloggers show you how you can take your TWA from the office to the runway and even these streets.

Vikeejeah TWA with a 90s style “Living Single” vibe


Alissa Ashley serving fiery TWA curls with confidence


LovelyLynnMUA is a blonde bombshell with curls that POP SEVERELY!


Erica Moore, TheGlamorousGleam, pumps up the volume with a tapered TWA

erica moore.jpg

Taylor Anise keeps it 100 with a 4c Wash N Go TWA


Glammzmore keeps her TWA tight both in cut and curl


Sambialieu is bad and bold in a blue tipped TWA


Politicsandfshn parts like the Red Sea on dat azz with this slick fade


MissKenK proves that the TWA is also gorgeous in gray


Nina Amour shows us that you can also quite simply, pick it and keep it pushin’!


Show us, and tell us, how you rock your TWA. Have you recently big chopped, or is the TWA your go to hairstyle? Do you prefer a defined look, a clean shape up, a tapered fro, or do you like the more earthy vibe? Let’s discuss! Until next time, much love.

Published by Vikeejeah

Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Lisa a la Mode.

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