Influenster VoxBox: Pure Leaf Tea

This month, Influenster has teamed up with Pure Leaf Tea for their #pureleafhomebrew campaign. Pure Leaf has launched their first line of tea bags for home use. Now consumers have the option of brewing hot or iced tea from a company focused on all natural goodness and the art of great tea making.018eb49db2d51a77c1d278441c01b221ce56c0cab7

So the new home brew comes in cute plastic jars (reusable YAY!) and contain 16 pyramid style mesh tea bags. The two flavors I received were Black Tea with Vanilla (Hot) and Green Tea with Citrus (Iced). I’ve tried both for just about a week now and I have some thoughts on both flavors. But before I get into those thoughts, here’s what Influenster and Pure Leaf have to say about #pureleafhomebrew:

Pure Leaf hot Black Tea with Vanilla incorporates single origin Indian Assam tea with Madagascan vanilla beans to create a tea-forward taste with a delectable hint of vanilla. Madagascan vanilla is well known for its indulgent taste that lingers on your palate with a long, luscious finish. We use the orthodox black tea leaf with bright marigold petals and flakes of vanilla beans and natural flavoring to deliver a rich aroma and smooth, indulgent taste.
Pure Leaf Iced Green Tea with Citrus uses mildly smoky, single origin Indonesian green tea blended with bold bursts of natural citrus flavors and real pieces of oranges. The rolled green tea leaves with real orange pieces and blades of lemongrass and rosehips delivers an extraordinarily refreshing iced green tea with a tart citrus flavor.

And now that you have a full descriptions of the product, here’s my personal review. I love the look and smell of these teas. I also enjoy the taste of both the green and black teas in general. Green tea is my favorite usually, but I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed the black tea with the vanilla added to it. You can really taste how pure and fresh these teas are. They use real vanilla bean, and real citrus zest, so the flavor is very pronounced. You do have to brew the iced tea, but what’s great about it is that it only takes 3 minutes to brew! Also, both teas taste excellent hot or iced!

For more info, check out my video review below. Thanks again to Influenster and Pure Leaf for the VoxBox. My hubby and I really love them!

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