Hubby Meals: Fusion Bimbimbap Bowl

Bimbimbap is one of my favorite Korean meals. You can eat it with rice or noodles, but no matter how you eat it, it’s delicious! My husband and I decided to try our hand at a dish inspired by bimbimbap using leftovers from breakfast and lunch. It was a team effort, and one I hope does not offend my Korean readers. I live for food from around the globe. Often the meals I eat are fusions of seasoning and/or recipes from various countries. I would never consider this a real bimbimbap bowl. This is most certainly a western spin on an amazing eastern dish.


Along with white rice, fried egg, and kimchi, Solomon and I added leftover curry shrimp from the previous night’s dinner, and homemade guacamole I made earlier that day. Solomon fried up some plantain we purchased from Trader Joes. We barely stopped to breathe between bites. It was one of the best meals we’ve ever had! So let’s see, African plantains, Southwestern/Mexican guacamole, Caribbean/Southern shrimp, and Korean summed up the rest of the bowl. How cool is this meal?! A global union in your mouth. YUM!

Published by Vikeejeah

Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Lisa a la Mode.

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