The Casual Bride: I Eloped!

img_9042I’ve been gone for a while, enjoying my new life as a wife to an amazing man. And while I have neglected my blog, I have not completely forgotten about it. I am back and scheduling posts for all of my followers. I missed yall, a lot. I wanted to catch my JeahBaes (that’s what I call all of you) up on my makeup looks and fashion. So  for my special day, I decided to give myself a timeless, fresh, goddess like beat. My foundation was a mix of Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme in Sienna and Hourglass Immaculate Liquid to Powder Foundation in Chestnut. My lip was Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tulle. And the highlight was a mix of Champagne Pop and Pearl from the Champagne Glow Palette. And I wore a Grecian inspired maxi dress from Ashley Stewart as my wedding gown. Less than $30, y’all! (photo credit: ADOS Photography)

My hubby and I eloped in a park by the water near our apartment. We had our ceremony under a stone gazebo, just the two of us. It was so romantic and casual. We had brunch at a local diner and just enjoyed ourselves without all of the commotion of traditional wedding receptions. When I saw Carrie finally wed Mr. Big in the Sex and the City movie, I thought that she settled and that Big had once again short changed her in a selfish manner. But the older I get, the more I realize that all he wanted was to be with the woman he loved. That was it “Just you and me. Just us two” and it makes sense to em now. I didn’t miss any of it. I didn’t need an elaborate multi thousand dollar dress that I’ll never wear again. I didn’t need a 200+ guest list, tons of flowers, bridesmaids, and all the other stuff. I just needed him.

When I looked into his eyes, as his eyes were welling with tears he tried to hold back, I realized that this was all I needed. The man I love, a photographer to capture the moment, and an officiant to seal the deal. Since we’ve married, I have spoken to married couples who’ve eloped and they are also glad they did it. Someday Solomon and I will have a wedding for our family to participate in, but we are in no rush. Instead, we’re happy being newlyweds and getting to know one another as husband and wife. I’d love to read some comments from all of you on your wedding days and what you enjoyed about it. Until next time, JeahBaes, Love ya and stay blessed.

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Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Lisa a la Mode.

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