Why I Will No Longer Support Marc Jacobs

img_7540When I tell y’all I am so ready for designers, actors, singers, dancers, and media personalities to STFU and just do their job…WHY DID MARC JACOBS HAVE TO OPEN HIS MOUTH?! WHYYYYY THOOOOO? Ugh! Now, look, I am not going to waste a ton of font explaining what I have already said in the video below, I will just say the following:

  1. I have enjoyed MJ Beauty for at least 2 years so far and I find his work to be of great quality. I have raved about his work on my channel and many of his products were Holy Grail status for me.
  2. Assimilation is defined as the process of adapting or adjusting to the culture of a group or nation. Native Americans, African Americans, and other groups of POCs have been historically forced to assimilate, both by law and by societal pressure, in the United States throughout history and into modern times. Keep that in mind.
  3. Appropriation is defined as the action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission. Now while one cannot ask permission of an entire culture or racial/ethnic group, please remember that these two words (assimilation and appropriation) are not only completely different, but have different effects on the groups they affect.
  4. I cannot support anyone who is purposefully obtuse, racially insensitive, or colorblind (which is a crock idc, idc, idc). I don’t care about his PR apology, I don’t care about how much I paid for his products, I care about what so many seem to dismiss, the dignity, wellbeing, and love that my people deserve.

There’s too many black women walking around with no edges, hysterectomies due to uterine fibroids (many cases linked to the use of relaxers), scalp burns, and more trauma that extends beyond external, for me to shrug off his statement about black women straightening their hair as a response to his dreaded models for his Fall 2016 show. It’s just not worth it to me. I’ll find another quality brand to support.

Some commenters on my channel have argued that Marc wont miss my money, or any other black person’s money for that matter, and my response to that is “Well, I guess that’s a win for both of us then”. No love lost on either side, right? Duces!

Published by Vikeejeah

Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Lisa a la Mode.

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