How Sephora Broke My Heart

Last week, my mother and spent our Sunday morning at Sephora for a VIB Rouge private event to kick off Beauty Insider Appreciation Week. Sephora offered multiple points as a way for Beauty Insiders to stack their points for limited edition Epic Rewards at the end of the week. Well, my mother and I racked up at least 2000 points each, and many other Beauty Insiders saved their points throughout the year for this annual opportunity. The rewards were indeed epic, with trips to Paris to visit the Lancome HQ, Marc Jacobs and Bvlgari bags, Autographed books from NARS himself, Givenchy lipstick collection, and more from the brands we know and love. VIB Rouge members were to benefit from some of the best of these rewards exclusively, which excited me because I thought it meant I’d have a better chance of securing one of the rewards.

Well, Monday, August 10th came, and I was ready. Since Sephora mentioned that the gifts would be made available come regular business hours, I set my clock, and parked myself in front of my laptop prepared to refresh the rewards page until I could get in. Since I had some beauty blogging to do, I used the site as a reference for links while I waited. As I refreshed my screen around 11am central, there was still a “Coming Soon” sign over the Epic Rewards. So I gave it a bit more time. I refreshed again around 11:30am. Same. Ok fine, I’ll give it until noon, I thought. Still nothing. Now, clearly, they must be going by Pacific time, so why hadn’t the rewards opened up yet? I gave it another 20 minutes and as I refreshed the screen, there it was. The Epic Rewards were here! I clicked the link to redeem, only to be brought back to the same page. This must be a mistake. I clicked the link again. Same. Was I doing something wrong?

I thought perhaps there was a glitch in my browser, so I refreshed, checked my Gmail for the VIB Rouge link, only to be brought to the same rewards page with the link for Epic Rewards. It wasn’t until I called the VIB Rouge Concierge line that I got the terrible news. Apparently the rewards sold out in just minutes. I’m talking blink and you’ll miss it! I felt this overwhelming sense of betrayal. I was so hurt, angry, and full of anxiety, and I wasn’t the only one. Floods of angry tweets hit Sephora’s mentions about how they had seriously dropped the ball when anticipating the quantity of rewards for their shoppers.

Now I understand what limited quantity means, but how limited are we talking here? Was there only a hand full of each prize? 10 per category? How is that possible when Sephora is one of the biggest cosmetic retailers around? And the timing of the rewards alert was quite disorganized. It didn’t account for time zones at all! Something needs to be done to repair the rift between Sephora and its customers. Nothing we purchase there is cheap. Our money was spent with the promise of at least a fair chance at that which we covet, and Sephora did not deliver. I truly hope that they will do right by us in the near future. If not, I can always shop Ulta, Nordstrom, Sax, and the good ole internet for my beauty needs.

Update: Sephora reached out to their Beauty Insiders, in an effort to make up for the Epic Rewards fiasco. I have a video, below, explaining it all.

Published by Vikeejeah

Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Lisa a la Mode.

7 thoughts on “How Sephora Broke My Heart

      1. Oh wonderful! Yes I agree they do have great service. Their return policy (and CVS) is great. I don’t know ulta’s policy (I don’t shop there often) but still is a let down when these tech difficulties happen 😦 have a great day! ♡

  1. I’ve heard of this happening to so many others! I have over 1000 points and also wanted to redeem mine but got no email when they were available, just one prior (like a few days before). Considering they are worth billions they really need to improve their game! xo J

    1. I totally agree. I hope that they will prepare well for next year. I believe they will have multiple points again around the holidays so Im going to prepare for a huge reward. Maybe I’ll have to stalk the site too. Something I picked up on wa that, since their HQ is on the west coat, the PDT time zone should taken into consideration. The rewards are available as soon as those stores open.

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